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Who We Are

Our interactive mobile and web applications help engage users in real-time.

Idias Solutions is a successful company specializing in information technology / Web development / Mobile development / Support and maintenance / Updating and migration to new technologies! We offer a service that meets your expectations, whatever the scope of your project while being affordable!

Our Services

Focus on the basics. Let the apps we develop do the rest.

Mobile Application

Mobile apps essentially come across as a must for a business in the present day market environment. By not using mobile apps, a business may be losing a share of its customers to its competitors. Mobile apps give businesses a chance at reaching out to even more customers.

Technology Migration & Maintenance

Whether it's taking over ongoing projects, finalizing or integrating them into a larger whole, or creating a new management application, DevBee will provide professional solutions at an affordable cost.

Web Application

Behind a website or custom development solution, it's a whole unknown world: programming language, environment, bookstores among others. A world fortunately that we master thanks to our expertise.


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